The Basic Build

The following photos illustrate the significant aspects of the build. There is not enough storage in cyberspace to show every single little detail so if you have any questions about something specific don’t hesitiate to contact us!

Folowing the media blasting, the tub was brought back to Scott’s shop and exterior sheet metal work was started.

To give the car a little more agressive look, we used fastback rear quarters and trimmed off the upper sail panels. Because the fastback quarters have a slightly higher rise a significant amount of modification of the trunk surround and internal convertible support structure would be required.

Final engine placement and construction of the lower radiator support using the piece from the donor.

The doors were taken apart, media blasted, epoxied and re-skinned to end up like new!

The rear bracing and structure for the convertible top assembly were welded in. Final modifications to the floor to provide clearance for the drive shaft and proper seat height were made.

To further reflect a bit of an aggressive look and provide a tribute to Shelby styling (plus providing some needed clearance for the engine), a hood scoop was fabricated and the hood was lengthened approximately 3 inches by grafting the front section of second hood. The head light buckets were also extended to match the profile of lengthened hood. The grill surround and lower valence were fabricated to again reflect a more aggressive look and a tribute to Shelby styling.

Front inner fenders were fabricated to accomodate the mounting points of the donor enigne auxiliary systems. A stock 1967 radiator core support was mated to the newly fabricated inner fenders and the lower 2006 support to blend the vintage with the modern.

Rear wheel houses were fabricated. To accomodate the big 18×10 wheels, a vintage look wheel house was fabricated using a stock 1967 piece but split and widened in the center.

To provide a rear spoiler, the rear sections of two 1969 fastback trunk lids were grafted on to the original piece. Rear quarter caps and the rear valence were fabricated to blend everything together. New trunk surround pieces were fabricated to smoothly blend the profile of the fastback quarter panel into the trunk lid.

Side scoops were modified to reflect a bit more of an elegant look than the stock sheet metal.

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